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Do you want to enhance your organization's productivity? Then welcome one of our apprentices into your team! The Andela Rwanda Apprenticeship Program connects the Africa's top organizations with talented apprentices from our Andela Technical Leadership Program

  1. Application
    Submit your application and tell us what skillsets you need. We will then assess our talent pool to find the perfect fit for your team.
  2. Matching
    We'll match you with our talented apprentices, who will seamlessly integrate into your organization and add value.
  3. Continued Support
    We'll provide a flawless feedback process between your engineering manager/team lead and the apprentice, alongside additional coaching and technical sessions to help them become even more of an asset to your team.
  4. Hire Apprentices
    Option to hire the apprentice at the completion of the 12 weeks or before if you're happy with their work.
Why Should I Join
The Andela Rwanda Apprenticeship Program?
This 12-week program gives you a chance to work with our talented engineers and witness the benefits they'll bring to your business. Plus, if you're happy with the value they've provided, you'll have the chance to hire your apprentice too!
Build your business
Our hardworking, professional and skilled apprentices are here to add value to your team and ensure you reach your business goals.
Meet the future of Tech talent
Andela's apprentices are our top chosen candidates, who successfully completed 22 weeks of the Andela Technical Leadership Training Program (ATLP). ATLP simulates a real world technology product setup, where trainees learn to work within a team to build web applications with best practices, based on JavaScript and its associated frameworks.
Contribute to tech growth in Africa
As a participant in the program, you're contributing to the development of technical talent on the African continent.
Our apprentices have increased productivity
in some of the best companies
What companies are saying about
the Andela Rwanda Apprenticeship

They are hardworking, willing to take on any task one throws at them and very professional. When we onboarded the team of apprentices from Andela, they were tasked with driving an in-house project from start to finish. By the end of their apprenticeship period, they had completed the development of many of the system models. This project is now close to completion and the pending works are being implemented by one of the apprentices that we hired full-time.

Paul Buchana | Chief Technology Officer, AC Group.

The apprentices contributed in both adding new features and providing technical customer support which generally increased the user/customer experience with our products. Increased customer experience is the highlight of this program for Exuus Ltd. Considering the nascency of our ecosystem, Andela is doing a great job compared to the other ecosystem builders we have in Rwanda.

Steve Shema | Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Exuus Ltd.

Andela alumni at Irembo have been excellent, they have shown great technical skills, ability to pick up new ideas very quickly and implement them. They are good team players, they communicate very well and put a lot of thoughts in what they do. They have indeed added value to our products. They adapted very quickly within the teams they are part of and added value very quickly

Olivier Nsabimana | Engineering Manager, Irembo.

The Andela alumni are skilled and professional. They have added significant value to our business and continue to grow and learn and are now an integral part of our developer team and have taken on more leadership roles since joining us.

Clarisse Iribagiza | Founder, DM Hehe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Andela Apprentices, what skills do they possess?

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They are talented developers who’ve undergone intensive training in the PERN(PosgreSQL & MongoDB, Express. React, Node) software stack. As well as an immersive, experiential process of learning the soft skills required to thrive as a professional in any distributed engineering team.

Ok, but can I hire them directly if I like their work?

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Of course! Once the 12 week program ends, you can go on ahead to hire your apprentice directly, and immediately. If you’d like to hire them during the trial, that’s also possible!

What support do I get from Andela?

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  • Performance management: We provide a strong and tight feedback loop between the Apprentice and your Engineering manager/lead to make sure they’re fully aware of your expectations from them and act accordingly.
  • Monthly technical workshops: We hold these workshops as well as coaching sessions, to make sure we’re able to upskill and enhance their knowledge. Armed with such knowledge, they become more of an asset on your team.

What’s the difference between Andela and the Andela Technical Leadership Program?

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Good question. Andela itself is the company you know and love, whose mission is to distribute as many available opportunities to all available talent, worldwide. However, Andela Rwanda adds to this mission by sourcing talent from within Africa and creating training programs to help them become job ready developers, including the Andela Technical Leadership Program (ATLP).

Love this! Can I send my employees to be trained by Andela?

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We like how you think! Please contact us at [email protected], and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss how we can best help you.

Contact us

For any questions or queries, please contact us at [email protected] and we will be in touch shortly.